Scope of Services

DryTec Moisture Protection Technology Consultants provides the following Scope of Services in connection with remedial and new roofing and waterproofing projects:



The initial step to providing a solution to remedial roofing and waterproofing problems is the accurate assessment of existing conditions and the proper recommendations for corrective procedures.  DryTec Moisture Protection Technology Consultants provides comprehensive evaluation services that begin with:

  • Review of facility leakage
  • Visual survey of roof system and existing drainage provisions
  • Review of original contract documents and construction related submittals, if available.
  • Core sample analysis of roof system construction
  • Moisture content testing of insulation system
  • Review of roof maintenance history
  • Review of facility requirements and utilization

The evaluation is presented in a Facility Evaluation Report, which contains:    

  • Summary of existing conditions
  • Value analysis
  • System alternatives and comparisons
  • Project recommendations
  • Project budgets
  • Scaled plans with photographic vantage points
  • Photographs


Diagnostic testing and surveying enables us to obtain the following data for establishing proper design solutions.

Solutions Approach

The objective of our roofing and waterproofing consulting services is to provide clients and prime consultants with cost-effective roofing and waterproofing designs for specific projects in specific geographical locales.

The approach we utilize to ensure a quality design solution is as follows:

  • Proper Initial Evaluation of either existing conditions or proposed new construction.
  • Investigation of Alternative Solutions and their Cost Considerations.
  • Preparation of Project Specific Plans and Specifications based upon an Owner – Approved Solution Method.
  • Selection of Qualified Contractors for Bidding Purposes
  • Involvement of On-Site Representation and Roof Manufacturer’s Technical Representative to ensure Contractor Compliance with the Contract Documents and Warranty Prerequisites.
  • Instrumented thermographic survey of designated roof areas through engaged consultants.
  • Verification of moisture content via moisture-laden insulation on the roof surface through engaged consultants
  • Identification and painting of areas of moisture-laden insulation on the roof surface.
  • Core sample analysis of roof system construction.
  • ASTM moisture content testing through engaged consultants.


   Testing results are presented in a Moisture Survey Report, which contains:

  • Summary of survey results with wet area  tabulations
  • Core sample summary
    • Value analysis
    • Recommendations
    • Scaled roof plan with wet area locations
    • Themographies and photographs

Solutions Approach


The proper design solution is based on the existing facility construction, planned utilization and evaluation/survey results.  Practical and effective solutions are recommended for each project.

System evaluation and comparison, including budgeting and life-cycle costing of available alternatives assure the client of optimum design solutions.

In addition, the client is assured that moisture-related building construction deficiencies, including mechanical and electrical problems, are addressed by registered design professionals of each design discipline.


Upon owner approval of system selection and budget, DryTec Moisture Protection Technology Consultants produces contract documents necessary to bid and construct the project.  These documents are essential to assure the proper execution of the project and consist of a project manual and drawings.

A Project Manual is prepared which contains the bidding requirements, contract forms and project specifications.  Drawings that consist of plans and details are prepared utilizing AutoCad, which is compatible with most facility management systems.

Industry standard contract forms are recommended and prepared for the owner, or assistance is provided with the preparation of owner-furnished contracts.


Successful project completion is dependent upon proper documentation (as described above) and the proper execution of the recommended system.  DryTec Moisture Protection Technology Consultants provides total project management services.

Solutions Approach

Based upon the complexity of the system and the requirements of the owner, partial or full-time field observation of the project is provided.  Our experienced on-site field representatives confirm contractor compliance with the Contract Documents.

Contract administration is further provided with shop drawing and submittal review, project phasing and scheduling and review of the contractor’s applications for payment.


The performance life of the completed project can be extended by establishing and scheduling a proper maintenance program.  This program recommends scheduled periodic inspections by experienced personnel.  Establishment and maintenance of warranty databases can also be provided.


For projects involving the design of roofing and waterproofing systems for new facilities we consult with the project architect and Owner’s representatives to arrive at the selection of appropriate design solutions.  Factors considered as part of this process are:

Waterproofing Systems:

  • Information from Geotechnical Investigation related to the presence of ground water
  • Project specific constructability issues
  • Facility function and Budget goals

Solutions Approach

Roof Systems:

  • Proposed structural decking
  • Code and insurance requirements
  • Wind uplift design requirements
  • Presence of rooftop equipment requiring periodic maintenance
  • Aesthetic issues
  • Budget goals
  • Project specific constructability issues


DryTec Moisture Protection Technology Consultants has experience with the preparation of Peer Design Review Reports associated with projects involving new or remedial roofing and waterproofing.

As part of our service we provide a comprehensive review of contract documents prepared by others.  These reviews include:

      • Confirmation that design solutions meet code requirements
      • Check to ensure that roofing and waterproofing design solutions and details have considered all architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical elements.
      • Review of proposed details with respect to constructability issues
      • Confirm that design solutions meet insurance requirements
      • Review of submittal prior to submission to architect
      • Preparation of comprehensive written report for submission

Representative Projects:

  • Global Communications Company – Design and construction administration services for over 160 roof replacement projects for various facility types
  • McKesson Corporation – 6 Roof Replacements
  • Cushman & Wakefield of Texas, Inc. – Roof Replacement in Irving, Texas
  • Southern Methodist University – Quality Assurance Observation Services for 3 New Facilities
  • J.C. Penney Corporation –Roof Evaluation Reports for over 50 facilities in 19 States
  • Family Dollar Store – Roof Evaluation Reports for Dallas, Texas and Marietta, Oklahoma
  • Austin Commercial, Inc. – Roofing and Waterproofing Design Reviews on 5 projects at Presbyterian Hospital, Dallas, Texas, One Victory Park project, Dallas, Texas and the new Irving, Texas Convention Center. 
  • Mack-Cali – 3 projects – Roof Replacements in Texas
  • University of Texas at San Antonio – 2 Roof Replacements
  • Cousins Properties – Roof Replacement in Irving, Texas
  • Collin County – Indefinite Delivery Contract for Roof Consulting Services
  • Colliers International – Roof Replacement for an Office Tower and Retail Center, Plano, Texas and a Roof Evaluation Report for a Dallas retail facility.
  • Dallas Independent School District – Peer Design Reviews and Quality Assurance Observation Services for over 60 educational facilities.
  • Dallas County Community College District – Peer Design Reviews and Quality Assurance Observation Services for 4 new facilities
  • City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department – Roof replacement for Dallas Aquarium at Fair Park
  • Ogelsby Greene Architects – Roof consulting services for replacement of roof at Texas Discovery Garden at Fair Park, Dallas, Texas
  • Beck – Peer roofing and waterproofing design review for 25 projects
  • Fort Worth Independent School District - Peer design review for 11 projects
  • NR2 Architects – Roof consulting design services for roof replacement of various DISD  and FWISD school facilities.
  • Johnson McKibben Architects – Roof consulting design services for roof replacement of a DISD school facility and various FWISD school facilities.